Key Control
Administrative Policies and Procedures 


To set forth the procedures for Institutional control of keys and to provide procedures for requesting keys. To protect campus facilities through strict accountability for keys issued to faculty, staff and students.


A functional and working key control system enhances campus security. Every effort should be expended to provide convenience while ensuring that security measures are not violated. Keys will be issued faculty and staff on the basis of need. Students who require access to campus facility areas must receive their keys through a faculty or staff employee. (Students who require access to electronically controlled areas will be authorized by submission of a signed key request form signed by the respective department head.) The number of keys will be kept to a minimum. All key request must be submitted on a key request form following the procedures outlined herein. The issuance of Grand Master Keys will be issued on a limited basis.

Terminating employees must return all keys issued to them prior to departing campus.



  1. Prepare a University of Alabama Key Request Form for all key requests, including access to electronic locks. If multiple persons need access to the same electronic lock, then all can be listed on the same form.
  2. List the following information on the Key Request Form.
    a. Name of person to whom key will be issued
    b. Date of request
    c. Department
    d. Title
    e. Telephone number
    f. Building for which key is requested
    g. Room. If this is a door key, list room numbers, or indicate exterior door. If other than a door is needed, specify desk key, file cabinet key, etc. under “Room” on the Key Request Form. (A charge of $2.00 per key.)
    h. If more than one (1) of the same key is needed, list each separately.
    i. Purpose for key request
    j. Department Head signature is required for all requests.
  3. Forward All Key Request Forms to the Keyshop.


  1. Review key request to ensure all information has been provided. Create a work order and forward to the locksmith.
  2. Enter key request information into the key control inventory system. Complete work order.
  3. Contact Department Head and advise that keys are ready for pick up. Departmental representative will have to sign for the keys. If special handling is required arrangements will be made to deliver keys to the requester.
  4. File a copy of the completed work order.


  1. Faculty, staff, and students must sign for each key received. A completed key issuance form with the keyholder’s signature must be on file at the keyshop for all keys issued.



  1. The terminating employee must return all keys to the issuing department.


  1. Transferring employees must return keys to the issuing department. New Keys will be issued as appropriate following the procedures for issuance of keys.


  1. All lost/stolen keys must be reported to the University of Alabama Police Department
    as soon as possible and a copy of the report forwarded to the Key Shop. If lost keys are found or returned to Key Shop, UAPD must be notified to clear their reports.