Intrusion Alarms and Security Cameras
Administrative Policies and Procedures 


To set forth the procedures for institutional control of and to provide departments with procedures for requesting intrusion alarms and CCTV equipment.


The University of Alabama Police Department-Security Technologies Area must install or approve the installation of all alarm and CCTV equipment used on The University of Alabama campus.



  1. Prepare memorandum or contact Chief Technician with a request.
  2. List the following information on the memorandum or phone request.
    a. Reason/Need for an alarm.
    b. Building and room/area to be covered by the alarm.
    c. On-Call list
  3. List Account number responsible for equipment cost and annual monitoring fee.


  1. Security Systems Chief Technician will review the request. The technician will then make an
    appointment with the departmental representative for an on site security analysis.
  2. Chief Technician will then determine equipment needed and prepare a cost estimate.
  3. With the approval of the requesting department the equipment will be order.
  4. Chief Technician / Security Systems Technician II will install the equipment and provide operational training.
  5. Chief Technician will keep an up to date file on each system. The technician will also keep the dispatcher alarm-monitoring screen up to date.